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The objectives of the Arkansas Academy of Science are the promotion and diffusion of knowledge in the fields of Science and the unification of these interests in the State of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Academy of Science began meeting in 1917 as a group of scientists wishing to establish regular avenues of communication with one another and promote science and the dissemination of scientific information in the state. Over the years since, the Academy has been led by scientists of notable accomplishment, such as Dwight Moore, Ruth Armstrong, C. E. Hoffman, Jewel Moore, Joe Nix, Ed Dale, to name a few. The Academy is a non-partisan, non-political, professional organization consisting of scientists who pay dues to join with other scientists to promote science in the state and region. The specific areas of science included (but not limited to) are Biomedical, Botany, Plant Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Vertebrate Zoology.

An Executive Committee, consisting of a President, Past-President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Journal Editors and Newsletter Editor convenes twice annually to discuss issues and determine some policy and procedures for maintaining and operating the Academy. The chairpersons of standing committees and the President of the Arkansas Science Teachers Association are invited to meet with the Executive Committee.

The Academy holds an annual meeting the second weekend in April during which business is transacted and reports/papers on research and teaching methods are given. The meeting provides many opportunities for colleagues to visit and share information about their respective work. Undergraduate and graduate students also participate and present their work at the Annual Meeting, and the Academy recognizes superior achievement by students with an active awards program.

The major publication of the Academy is the Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science. The Journal for the previous year is released at the Annual Meeting. Through an exchange program, abstracting services and special subscriptions, the Journal is distributed to approximately 30 of our 50 states and 25 foreign countries.

The Academy also publishes an annual Newsletter, which contains general information about Executive Committee deliberations, the dates of the next annual meeting, programs, and research activities.

Past Presidents of the Academy (year indicates meeting date ending their tenure)

Charles Brookover 1917
H. L. Bogan 1961
Gary Tucker 1988
Abdel Bachri 2014
Dwight M. Moore 1932-33, 1964
Truman McEver 1962
David Chittenden 1989
Ann Willyard 2015
Flora Haas 1934
Robert Shideler 1963
Richard K. Speairs, Jr. 1990
Ed Wilson 2016
H. H. Hyman 1935
L. F. Bailey 1965
Robert Watson 1991
Panneer Selvam 2017
L. B. Ham 1936
James H. Fribourgh 1966
Michael W. Rapp 1992
W. C. Munn 1937
Howard Moore 1967
Arthur A. Johnson 1993
M. J. McHenry 1938
John J. Chapman 1968
George Harp 1994
T. L. Smith 1939
Arthur Fry 1969
James Peck 1995
P. G. Horton 1940
M. L. Lawson 1970
Peggy R. Dorris 1996
L. A. Willis 1941-42
R. T. Kirkwood 1971
Richard Kluender 1997
L. B. Roberts 1943-44
George E. Templeton 1972
James Daly 1998
Jeff Banks 1945
E. B. Whittlake 1973
Rose McConnell 1999
H. L. Winburn 1946-47
Clark McCarty 1974
Mostafa Hemmati 2000
E. A. Provine 1948
Edward Dale 1975
Mark Draganjac 2001
G. V. Robinette 1949
Joe Guenter 1976
John Rickett 2002
John R. Totter 1950
Jewel Moore 1977
Walter E. Godwin 2003
R. H. Austin 1951
Joe Nix 1978
Wayne L.Gray 2004
E. A. Spessard 1952
P. Max Johnson 1979
Betty Crump 2005
Delbert Swartz 1953
E. Leon Richards 1980
Stanley Trauth 2006
Z. V. Harvalik 1954
Henry W. Robison 1981
David Saugey 2007
M. Ruth Armstrong 1955
John K. Beadles 1982
Collis Geren 2008
W. W. Nedrow 1956
Robbin C. Anderson 1983
Joyce Hardin 2009
Jack W. Sears 1957
Paul Sharrah 1984
Scott Kirkconnell 2010
J. R. Mundie 1958
William L. Evans 1985
Jeff Robertson 2011
C. E. Hoffman 1959
Gary Heidt 1986
Marc Seigar 2012
N. D. Buffaloe 1960
Edmond Bacon 1987
Jeff Robertson 2013